Identify My Heroine

1st gif in your folder represents who you are:

The 9th gif is how you feel today:

The 31st gif in your folder is how you will feel ten minutes from now:

27th gif describes your day tomorrow:

The 7th gif is your taste in music:

The 4th is your relationship with your friends:

The 17th describes your love life:

The 3rd to last is something about you not many people know:

The 15th is how you act when you’re alone:

The 20th is how your day will go for you:

The 11th is how your life will be:

The 13th is how people see you:

The 6th is how you will spend your last day on earth:

The 2nd to last is how you act around the person you’re attracted to:

The 10th is how your gender sees you:

The 16th is how the opposite gender sees you:

The 19th is you at your happiest:

The 35th gif is when your parents told you that you can’t go to your favorite band concert:

The 24th gif is when you meet your favorite band:

The 52th is when you find a plane ticket for England:

The 27th gif in your folder is what you will dream about tonight:

The 18th gif in your folder is what your parents thought when you were born:

The 14th gif in your folder is how you will act at your wedding:

30th is you at your wedding:

22nd gif is your fiance on the day of your wedding:

the last gif in your folder is how people will feel at your funeral:

The 45th to last describes your life as a whole:

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